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Artist Statement

My paintings are an evolving expression of the things that move me: certain juxtapositions of colour, the beauty and history of a wonky old chair; the visceral musical storytelling of the likes of Kate Bush and David Byrne; fairy-tales as rewritten by Angela Carter; the luscious energetic shapes thrown by plants and the mysterious shadow world they project against the wall.


My sense of myself as an artist, and the way I experience the world is built on remembered moments that have equal measures of the mundane and the magical, the ‘here’ and the ‘there’, and that pregnant feeling of promise you sometimes get for no good reason at all. 


‘I just know that something good is going to happen!’

Kate Bush, Cloudbusting


A storyteller at heart, Kerry Louise Bennett is a self-taught expressive painter, and sometime photographer, with a passion for colour, texture and pattern. Her paintings develop a unique visual language that can be characterised as ‘wonky’, bold and theatrical.


Informed by a magpie attraction to fabrics, furniture and plants, as well as a longstanding love of fairy tales and magical realism, Bennett gives familiar shapes a strange musicality. Gesture, texture and hue are all employed to explore the magic of the things around us and the way these things can weave powerful visual motifs into our personal narratives. Much of her subject matter falls within the ‘still life’ tradition, with an added emotional dynamic that draws on Fauvist sensibilities. 

Find Kerry on Instagram @land_of_the_grey_and_pink


New Platform Artist 2022

Featured artist at 'The Art Post


I use The Print Space for printing.

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